See ya'll next time

Monday, January 31, 2011

Our month in Texas was just about over and we wanted to see a few last things before we left. One of the things we went back to see was the waterwall. We saw it initially at night when we first arrived, but the pictures didn't turn out the best. It's a pretty surreal experience and we really enjoyed seeing it in the day time.

In addition to the waterwall, Houston has some neat parks located in the Museum district downtown. We went down to the Hermann park and walked around. The park is pretty large and off to the side of the park is a Japanese garden.

One of the last things we saw in Houston was down in Galveston. Our first stop in Galveston was to see the Moody Mansion and the Bishops Palace. These homes were built around one hundred years ago and were open to the public for viewing. The insides of them were beautiful, but unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photographs inside.

After looking at these historical homes, we took at break and got some food at a local restaurant overlooking the ocean called 'The Spot'. It was a fun place to get some grub and then continue on to look at some of the remaining historical homes in Galveston.

On our way home from Galveston we took a detour and headed to Kemah for a little night time entertainment. In Kemah there is the Kemah boardwalk which is on a pier and has some amusement park rides. We rode a few of the rides and picked up a couple of souvenirs and then headed home.

Seems like we packed a lot into the last week, we saw three more things before left. We saw the beer house which was coated with thousands of beer cans. It was a pretty interesting site.

In addition to the beer house, we also saw Bayou Bend. This house was a maintained by the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. It was an extravagant house and garden. The garden and landscaping was absolutely beautiful and it was a treat to see.

Our last stop was the art car museum. The museum contained creative metal machines. Many of them looked as if they were driven at one point in time. It was something that was very unique and interesting.

That's it for Houston. We enjoyed our stay and had a wonderful time. We have headed out to Louisiana and are getting ready to see what it has to offer. If you have any suggestions were to go or what to see let us know.

To Infinity and Beyond

For our third weekend in Houston, we decided to get a city pass and see many of the attractions that Houston had to offer. One of the stops on the map was the Houston Zoo. I kept wanting to say the Hogle Zoo, but Katie was happy to correct me. The zoo was a decent size and we had a lot of fun. It seemed a little bigger than Hogle Zoo, but overall very similar. Here are a few pictures from our adventure.

After the zoo, we headed over to the Houston museum of natural science. The museum was fairly big and diverse. It had many different areas in the museum and a few special exhibits. One of the special exhibits was from the discovery channel about real pirates. We were able to get pictures from almost all of areas except the special pirate museum unfortunately. Arrrrggg.

The next time we got out, we went down to the Houston space center. Unlike the space center in Florida, this space center is contained mostly indoors in a single building. We were able to explore a lot of NASA's history and see the mission command center. It was a nice change of pace and an opportunity to see something new.

To finish it all off, we stopped by a local joint T-Bone Tom's BBQ and enjoyed some local Texas cuisine. It was a nice way to finish off our evening.

Exploring Texas

After settling in, we decided it would be fun to explore around Conroe. We drove north first and looked at the forests surrounding Conroe. It was a nice relaxing day and we were able to take some beautiful photos.

The next time we got out we went out to see the George Ranch Historical Park. The ranch was a historical preserve. It had a working ranch and three historical homes. We walked around each of the houses and took a tour through them. The houses were from different periods of time and were very interesting to see.

The last thing we saw this week was the aquarium. It was small, but fun to see. Katie even touched a fish. They had a variety of fish and things to see. It was a fun experience.

This week we managed to get a little bit of Texas history, enjoy the country side, and saw some neat fish. Until next time.