Haven' fun in the South

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wow, this month is going by really fast. This week we went kayaking in our lake, its actually pretty fun. I am really scared of lakes, but the kayak seemed safe enough and Aaron is a great boatman :). The lake is a little too cold to go swimming in, so kayaking is a great alternative.

On the weekend we headed into Atlanta, we tried unsuccessfully to find us an iPad2. We called all over the place to see if we could find one on Saturday, unfortunately the day after the release isn't good enough to get one. Go figure :) . After our unsuccessfulness, we headed to Atlanta's Historical Center. We were in for a treat, it was filled with all kinds of fun stuff to see. First we visited the museum which had all kinds of Olympic memorabilia from the 1998 Olympic games.

The second museum within the Historical Center was dedicated to the Civil War. The Civil War is a very interesting time in American History. They had a lot of old guns and old uniforms. They had tablets and plaques that told the history of the Civil War, a very sad time in America as well.

The Historical Center had a large outside, filled with gardens and some old historical houses we took tours of. There was an old farm house and an old mansion. The grounds were beautiful and green the houses were really cool. Unfortunately, we couldn't take any photos inside the houses, but the outsides were better than the inside of the houses anyway. The house is called the Swan House and its suppose to be one of the most photographed homes in the World.

The last part of the Historical Center was a walk through time, from the beginnings of Georgia up to present time. We had a lot of fun seeing all of the different exhibits with in the Historical Center. I would definitely recommend it to any one who visits Georgia.

The Monday after we headed to the Museum of Natural History, they had some hands on things that were pretty cool. Some of the hands on things they had was giant bubble makers and some optical allusions. We went to an imax show that was about Greek history and it was pretty interesting. They had an exhibit for mythical creatures that was pretty fun to go through. It was a fun filled week.


Grandma Mecham said...

How fun! Uncle Don would love to go over that long highway bridge that you had to cross. You have a darling house to live in and the sights that you are sharing with us are wonderful. Thanks again!!!!!

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