King of the Mountain

Sunday, April 3, 2011

For our last week in Georgia, we headed up to Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta. Stone Mountain is the largest exposed piece of Granite in the world. Only one percent of the mountain is actually visible with the remaining 99% under ground. For our first activity at the park, we headed up the gondola to see the top of the mountain. It's pretty unreal to see only rock and a few struggling plants on the top. With the wind chill, we didn't last very long up there and headed back down after 40 minutes or so.

Next we headed over to the adventure portion of our day. They had a climbing/obstacle course with various ropes and boards to balance on. Katie was a pro, and with the harness on, her fear of heights seemed to vanish. The highest part was three stories high and was still a little unnerving even with the harness.

After our high adventure, we headed over to a history plantation in the park. The plantation had several different areas representing different time periods.

After our fun day at the park, we headed over to Dantes down the Hatch jazz and fondue restaurant. The restaurant was decorated like a ship and old English town. The food was okay, but the atmosphere was really enjoyable.


Grandma Mecham said...

Thanks again!!

the Roberson family said...

I love the pictures. That granite mountain is so beautiful and I love the picture of the train tracks alongside the beautiful trees. I'm proud of Katie for being so brave on the obstacle course. I am afraid of heights too! Good job Katie!!

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