Last days in Georgia...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We were very sad to leave Georgia, but right before we left we went to see a few more things. We first went to the Governor’s mansion in Milledgeville. Milledgeville was the old capitol of Georgia. The Governor’s mansion was beautiful, the best feature of the mansion was a large dome in the middle of the mansion. The dome was awe inspiring a big round room opening up into a second story, the dome itself was laid in gold and small windows at the top. The dome was surprising because it was a hidden dome and you would have never known it would be in the mansion judging from the outside. Unfortunately, we could not take any photos, but here is one of the outside.

Our next stop was to see the museum made for the man who wrote the book Uncle Remus. The museum itself was a small slave’s cabin, decorated with old artifacts from that antebellum time. It had some shadow boxes depicting the story of Briar Rabbit. A small museum but very interesting.

The last stop in Georgia was the Ritz Carlton or the Reynolds plantation, not the hotel itself but the grounds around it. The grounds were gorgeous, there were flowering trees, trimmed grass, and a nicely groomed golf course. It is very green and beautiful in Georgia. March is a great time to visit Georgia, because there are beautiful flowers everywhere.

Here are a few pictures of the house we stayed in on the lake, we are sad to leave, but we are excited to move on to South Carolina.


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