South Carolina the Low Country

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here we are in South Carolina and let me tell you it is beautiful! We love it here! Still hotter than a June bride, but we loved the look of the state. South Carolina looked and felt as if we were in a tropical jungle. The drive from Georgia was short so that was extremely nice. We like our cute little apartment that sits right on a golf course.

Our first order of business was to take a boat tour off the shores of Charleston. We saw all kinds of things from a distance but a great way to get an overview of Charleston. We got a great deal on the boat tour combined with a horse carriage tour on Groupon, gotta love the savings. Were able to get some great photos of Fort Sumter, the site where the civil war started. There was an old airplane carrier called the Yorktown that we'll visit later.

After the boat tour, you guessed it, we took our horse carriage tour in downtown Charleston. We were pulled by two mules. They took us through the part of the city that had all the old houses. Charleston has a design of house that we have never seen before, the design was called a Single house. The reason it is called a single house was because the house was a single room wide and long. Charleston is known as the Holy City because it was the first to allow religious freedoms. We definitely saw a ton of churches.

After our horse and buggy tour we decided we would walk around downtown Charleston and take some pictures. There were these really pretty flowers all over the place I'm not sure what they are, but there were bushes of them everywhere.

The last thing to do was to head over to Battery Park, where the Soldiers of the Civil and Revolutionary wars defended Charleston's shores. Battery Park had some old cannons lined up to defend Charleston, which was fun. Lining the park was some million dollar houses, the saying goes in Charleston the best place to live is South Of Broad Street, Chalestonian's affectionately call the people who live in those houses S.O.B.'s, we thought that was pretty funny.


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Looks like such a fun place to visit!

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