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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our new place near Charleston, had a beach two blocks away that is on Seabrook Island 30 minutes south of Charleston. We went for bike rides almost every day, on our many bike rides we stopped at the beach. It was slightly too cold to go for a swim in the ocean so we just walked along the beach. We had lots of fun riding our bikes and walking on the beach.

Our fist Saturday, we headed to Middleton Place one of the many plantations in South Carolina. It was owned by Arthur Middleton, one of the men that signed the Declaration of Independence. The gardens in Middleton Place were gorgeous. If anyone decides to go to South Carolina, definitely stop and look around Middleton Place. We even saw some alligators on the plantation, scary but cool.

After our visit to Middleton Place, we went to Patriots Point which has housed the aircraft carrier the USS Yorktown. We have never been on a Navy ship before, it was really neat to see what an actual carrier looks like. They had a recipe for cookies that made 10,000 chocolate chip cookies in one day, wow I would not want to be the one that got stuck making those haha.

At patriots point they also housed an old submarine, we thought the hallways and doors on the aircraft carrier was small in the submarine they were tiny. The living quarters were really small and the bunks were stacked right on top of one another.

To end the day we headed to Fort Moultrie, a very old fort that dates back to the revolutionary war. Not a whole lot to see there but it was really cool to see something that old. They had lots of powder magazines, they held all the gun power so you can imagine all precautions they took to protect those, one included building a 8 foot thick wall right in front of one of the powder magazines.


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WOW! What great adventures you are having!!!

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