Horses, Horses, and more Horses

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kentucky is famous for horses, so we had to go and see all the history at the Kentucky Horse Park. At the park there is over fifty different breads of horses. The Park is huge tons of horse paddocks, barns, and fields.

One of the attractions they had was called the Parade of Breeds, this showed the different horses and told of where the horses were originally from and what people used them throughout history.

Another part of the park housed retired race winning horses. These horses were beautiful and they seemed really well taken care of. They had rich looking wood lined paddocks.

At the park was an entire museum that had tons of different facts about horses. One part of the museum was only about Arabian horses. It was pretty fun every thing look as if it came from the Arabic.

Our last stop of the day was another horse racing park called Keenland, a cool racetrack, but not as fun and well kept as Churchill Downs. When we stopped there, there was a horse race going on that was televised on Keenland's giant TV screen. We stayed and watch a bit of it, fun, but again not as fun as actually being there and watching the race in person.


Grandma Mecham said...

This I would like to see! Kentucky just looks so beautiful and the races look like they would be fun. The horses are so awesome! So glad that you kids can find all these wonderful things to see and experience. Hope you realize how fortunate you are! Not many people would have the opportunities that you have had. So glad that you are so willing to share with us! Can hardly wait for the next posting!!!!

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