Last days in the South…

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our last few stops in South Carolina were in downtown Charleston. The first stop of the day was to be the Nathanial Russell House. Nathanial Russell was one of the most wealthy merchants in his day. Nathaniel’s house showed off his wealth by having a big circular staircase, round rooms with ornately carved moldings around the doors and crown molding. Unlike many of the houses in downtown Charleston Nathaniel’s house actually had a front yard and gardens to side of his house, usually the houses come right up to the sidewalk. Aaron and I loved the look of this house it was very beautiful inside.

We next visited the Powder Magazine of Charleston, a powder magazine is where the colonials stored all of their gun powder. To protect the gun powder the walls of the powder magazine were made to be 3 feet thick. Inside was an arched ceiling that came to a point, unexpected in a structure that was just meant to hold gun powder. We had fun playing with the different artifacts within the Powder Magazine.

While in Charleston we saw a lot of beautiful buildings, Aaron pointed out circular church that had a castle like feel to it. I loved this little yellow house right next to a cobblestone road. We traveled down a famous street in Charleston called Rainbow row that has a lot of different colored houses, and is said to be colored that way to bring in a Caribbean feel.

Aaron and I visited another house in Charleston called the Aiken House. It was one of the biggest houses in Charleston. The foundation that owned the house decided that they would only preserve the house rather than restore it. I always think it’s sad that some of these houses are never restored because they would be beautiful if they were. In Charleston they have these benches that were back then about the equivalent to a trampoline today, the Aiken house had one on their front porch.

We briefly stopped by a military college called The Citadel, kind of cool the buildings looked like castles and the floors were a red and white checker board.

We were sad to leave our little apartment near the ocean in South Carolina. We took some pictures of the big houses that were on our little island.

On our way out of South Carolina we stopped in Greeneville, South Carolina. We walked around downtown and stayed the night in a Hyatt hotel, Aaron and I thought it was one of the best hotels we have ever been in. Well thats all for the Southern States, so long and fair well.


Grandma Mecham said...

Thanks for another tour of places that I will never visit. So glad that you record this for all of us! Love you, be safe in your travels!
Aunt Honey

Aaron and Katie said...

@ Aunt Honey, Thanks for reading our blog Aunt Honey! We are happy to share it with you! Love you too!!

Emily said...

Ahh how would it be to be on vacation for a year. It's so fun to see all the places you guys have been, what a great experience!!

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