Into the Bayou

Sunday, February 20, 2011

This weekend had a lot packed into it. We started off Saturday morning by going to Airboat Tours from Arthur Matherne. The tour was about an hour and a half long and we got to see a lot of Louisiana's bayou water life. We saw quite a few alligators, birds, and various other animals. It was fun to go on an airboat ride and see parts of Louisiana we never would have seen otherwise.

After the airboat ride, we headed down to New Orleans to see the French quarter. We first went to Cafe Beignet and got a po-boy and some beignets for lunch. After that, we walked around in the quarter, went to Jackson Square, and the French market. It was fun to see the performing artists on the street and the New Orleans architecture. The quarter was very busy, but it felt like much of the rest of New Orleans was still recovering slowly from the hurricane damage. For dinner we ate at Tujagues. The building was over a 150 years old, but unfortunately the dinner wasn't as good as we had hoped. Here are some pictures from the trip down there.


Amy Harman said...

AWESOME!!! I love that you got to see those alligators. I'm jealous, and so is my husband. :)

Grandma Mecham said...

What an interesting State to visit! Those are the kind of things that I would like to see! Thanks for doing the touring and taking pictures to share with us. So much easier for me!!! Keep it up and have lots of fun! Love you!

Aaron and Katie said...

@Amy It is really awesome we are having a blast! Those alligators were pretty cool, the one in the pic was a big 12 footer! crazy.

Aaron and Katie said...

@Aunt Honey Thanks for reading our blog, I'm happy to know someone is enjoying it.Louisiana is pretty fun to visit, but i don't think I would ever live hear permanently. I think the funnest part was taking the airboat tour in bayou. We are having so much fun. Love you too!

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