To Louisiana and back again

Sunday, February 20, 2011

For the start of this week, Aaron had a meeting in Virginia we had to go to. We got there Monday morning and then came back to Louisiana late Friday night. I was fun to see a little bit of Virginia, but didn't get to to do a ton because Aaron was working most of the time. When we got back though, we went to go see a little bit of Baton Rouge and the Rosedown plantation. Baton Rouge seemed like a nice city. Between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, I think I like the feel of Baton Rouge much better. We went and looked around the LSU campus and the state capital. We also ate at Coyote Blues Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. Coyote Blues was fun in that they gave you chips and three different salsas to dip to munch on while you waited for your food. It was a fun experience.

The Rosedown plantation was the only plantation that I saw that was run and preserved by the state. Most of the furniture was original or from the time period of when the home was built. Since this home wasn't near the Mississippi, the original trees leading up to the home were still in place and had a very neat look. This plantation was the last one we saw on our trip down here. It was neat to see the differences between the three plantations we saw and each of their unique styles from the different time periods they were built.


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